Welcome to United Way of Brandon & District!

United Way Fort McMurray has launched the United for Fort McMurray Campaign, aimed at raising the critical funds required to support recovery and rebuild the community after the fire. If  you wish to donate to the cause and help support those dealing with this terrible tragedy please head to the donation page, available at www.unitedforfortmcmurray.ca.


What We Do

Imagine having 33 opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life. Imagine having a chance to offer help to someone in 25 different ways. This is what we do. At United Way of Brandon & District we partner with 25 Agencies throughout our community which run 31 different programs to help those people in need. Our own Tools for School & Coats for Kids programs are the other two opportunities to make a difference.

A donation to United Way of Brandon & District, whether it be big or small, is making a difference and creating an opportunity. You are creating change for someone’s life without even realizing it. We are here to guarantee that a donation to United Way is being put right back to work in our community to ensure these opportunities can continue to provide food and shelter, offer a safe place for kids to play after school and even to help the visually impaired, to name a just a few. Who knew, one donation could do so much!

It is our promise to you that 100% of your donor dollars are put right back to work in our community to help combat the root causes of the issues we face and to create a powerful lasting change for all of us. With a Provincial Operating Grant and Special Events Revenue covering all of our wages and administration costs, we guarantee every single dollar donated is impacting someone’s life around us.

Through the tireless efforts of our Partner Agencies, businesses throughout our community, government sectors and individuals, together, we are all making the steps forward to creating a better life for those in need. We are all working together on achieving the United Way’s mission of:
Building Strong Communities | Moving People from Poverty to Possibility | Helping Kids be all they can be. We are all ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

When we all work together we can inspire change. We have witnessed the true impact that your dollars have had in our community and how individuals can rise from a difficult situation when given the opportunity. The opportunity that your dollars helped nurture. The work of your donation, United Way of Brandon & District, our Partners and many others throughout our community is what makes everything possible.

We sincerely thank each and every person who donates to United Way of Brandon & District!

Key Priorities

All That Kids Can Be

happy-kidsIn order for our children and youth to become independent and successful adults they need a strong healthy foundation early in life, access to literacy and development, positive school experiences all throughout and to graduate from high school.

From Poverty to Possibility

Poverty is a far reaching, complex issue and one that is no stranger to Brandon. Once an individual falls into poverty, it very easily becomes a viscous cycle for one to get out of and usually ends up continuing for many generations to come.

Building Strong Communities

The focus of building a stronger community is working to engage and mobilize community members to take collective action to improve access and availability to resources needed to revitalize and strengthen our neighbourhoods.